Drill with Foot Control KFT 78001



The hand-held cranial drill can only take ⼀ seconds to drill. It is simple to operate and easy to master. With a flat head, it can also grind the skull thin.

In the process of brain stereotaxic positioning, the first step is to open a hole in the skull, so that the injection needle, electrode sleeve, tube microdialysis catheter and so on can be easily implanted. The micro hand-held cranial drill can achieve this opening function, which can choose to hold a hole or fix it on the cranial drill holder of the brain stereotaxic instrument. The operation is simple and easy to master

The high speed drill is designed for opening the skull in stereotaxic surgery

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•Various drill bits available, size from 0.5-2.3mm in diameter
• Controlled manually or by foot available
• Forward or reverse rotation
• Speed up to 38,000rpm.
Delivery Time: 2-5 working days

Delivery Time: 14 working days