TELEOPTO – Optogenetic Wireless Stimulator


TELEOPTO – Optogenetic Wireless Stimulator

Bilateral stimulation is possible. If you want to stimulate both hemisphere simultaneously please use 1ch receiver. If you want to stimulate each hemisphere one by one, please use 2ch receiver. Receiver can be charged and re-used repeatedly by a dedicated charger.

Some opsins are activated by blue light and inactivated by yellow light. Together with the 2 channel receiver and two color LED cannula, you can stimulate by two different colors at the same position. The remote controller accepts two independent triggers.

Receiver has two types, pulse and continuous, each for high frequency and continuous stimulation. The remote controller is compatible for both receivers, by switching the mode switch. Pulse receiver flashes at the same timing with trigger pulses, whereas continuous receiver alternates on and off upon a new pulse.
Remote controller accepts trigger signals from a stimulator, and sends the signals to the receiver. Synchronized light pulses are generated from the tip of the LED cannula (in pulse mode).

High brightness LED and optic fiber cannula are coupled to achieve mW order light power at the tip. Colors can be changed just by swapping the LED cannula component.
Teleopto breaks this wall by enabling complete wireless environment for optogenetic stimulation, using very light receivers sitting perched on animal’s head.
In optogenetics experiment, an optic fiber connected to the head of an animal restricts animal behavior especially in test cages with high walls, gates and other obstacles.


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