Stainless Steel Syringes


Stainless Steel Syringes

  • Full range of stainless syringes from 1mL to 200mL
  • Can handle 750psi (1500psi for the 8ml)
  • High temperatures and highly corrosive chemicals
  • Highly corrosive chemicals may require an upgrade in O’Ring.

Stainless Steel Syringes O-Rings

  • Stainless steel syringes come standard with a Viton O-Ring
  • Chemraz® O-Rings are ordered separately and are for applications requiring higher chemical resistance

Stainless Steel Syringes Fittings

  • You can can buy stainless steel syringes with or without fittings.
  • They are also available to be purchased separately if needed.
  • All fittings are pressure rated for all syringes they connect to.


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