Limit Switch ADPT-LSW-02 (Withdrawal)



Limit Switch (For NE-1000 series syringe pumps)

The Limit Switch is comprised of a collar clamp with a small PCB attached to it on one side, a cable, and a TTL connector.
The TTL connector goes to the TTL I/O of the syringe pump.
For setting up on the guide rod, there is a hole for an an allen key to open the collar clamp, allowing it to be put around the guide rod.
There are buttons on the PCB side of the collar clamp that need to face the pushing block so the signal to stop the pump can be sent.
Once everything is connected, pump will force the pump to stop once the pushing block makes contact with the button.

  • Adds a limit switch to automate refill or dispense limits after a power on
  • Attaches to a guide rod. Fully adjustable
  • Cable attaches to the TTL logic port on the pump
  • Programmable operation within a pumping program