ThermoClamp®-3.1 Temperature Control System [4 Ch.] Controller, 4 channel heated Perfusion Pencil® with 360μm or 250μm or 100μm  tip &bath sensor
No more overheating when your perfusion stops or you change samples.
Combination inline heater plus multi-channel focal drug delivery Maintain bath temperature and rapid drug wash-out with a high-flow bath line while quickly switching 4-8 preheated solutions through the Perfusion Pencil® Steady 37°C at 5 ml/minute flow rates through both the bath line and tip.
Option 1 or 8 channel available

Ready to use:

Includes everything you need for heated perfusion:
  • Power supply
  • Temperature sensors
  • Inline heater with easy Luer lock tube connections.

System Includes:

  • Temperature controller
  • Bath sensor
  • 4-channel heated Perfusion Pencil with removable tip available in 100, 250 or 360 micron internal diameter.
CE Marked

Narishige manipulator shown in photo ordered separately

Delivery Time: 7-14 working days