NE-4002X Programmable Microfluidics



The NE-4002x Microfluidics Syringe Pump, accepts 2 different syringes from the smallest size available up to 60 mL. NE-4000 & Dual-NE-4000.
Pumping rate as low as .008 nL/hr with a 0.5 µL syringe or as high as 1555 µL/min with a 60
mL syringe.


  • Built for Automation
  • Operates stand-alone or from a computer
  • Infuses and withdraws
  • Applications range from simple infusions to complex pumping programs
  • Programmable preset protocols
  • Program up to 41 pumping phases: change pumping rates, set dispensing volumes, insert pauses,
  • control and respond to external signals, sound the buzzer.
  • RS-232 and TTL logic control interfaces

Delivery Time: 7-14 working days