BSC1 – Brain Slice Chamber for submerged and interface slices



Submerged” and “Interface” methods of slice maintenance with the same chamber
This chamber allows adaptation to either method of slice maintenance simply by altering the fluid level by means of a screw adjustment device on the chamber.

Slices supported on removable insert adaptable to your requirements
A standard insert having a nylon net is supplied with the chamber for submerged and interface methods.
This insert can be modified or custom made to accommodate other preparations eg. adult spinal cord Dhanjal & Sears 1980, Alger et al, 1984, Crepel et al 1981.

Proportional Temperature Controller (PTC03) with low noise performance
The temperature is controlled by a proportional control heating unit, the PTC03 which provides smooth DC controlled power to the heater element incorporated into the chamber.