Turner Sensory Sentinel
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Turner items are used from more then 20 years of research experience to help animal facilities monitor and mitigate noise and vibration concerns.

Turner Sensory Sentinel 3

Convenient and easy-to-use

The Sensory Sentinel is a convenient and easy-to-use measurement and logging tool for assessing the conditions to which animals are exposed – both in rooms and cages

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  • Fully mobile, allowing measurements anywhere in the lab animal space.

  • Can also be permanently installed for long-term monitoring.

  • Allows acquisition and logging of temperature, humidity, light, noise, and vibration levels every second – 24 hours per day.

  • Built-in software overlays show the hearing ranges of a variety of animal species, making it simple to know if they can hear what is being measured.

  • All sensors, software, and computer hardware is included.

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Turner Sensory Sentinel 3

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