micro-DXA iNSiGHT


Micro-DXA iNSiGHT Cabinet Body Composition Analyzer for Lab Animals

With over 20 years of dedicated experience and technology on DXA.
We applied the technology into laboratory device and launched micro-DXA iNSiGHT.

It offers bone mineral density, fat mass, lean mass, ultimate DR X-ray imaging, and many more. None Invasive DXA Technology.

OsteoSys’ Solution: We have overcome this limitation by using 20-year expertise in human DXA technology.
Micro-DXA iNSiGHT measures the bone mineral density and assesses body composition in vivo for a longitudinal investigation to monitor changes in whole-body composition with growth and aging in the animal.
Using non-invasive micro-DXA iNSiGHT, it is able to repeatedly scan cohorts of animals over several ages.

Principle of the Technique: Based on DXA technology micro-DXA iNSiGHT measures the parameters on the molecular level that can be simplified in a 3-compartment model:
– with fat mass (FM)
– non-bone lean mass (LM)
– bone mineral content (BMC).
This technique assess FM, LM, BMC regionally and whole-body as well as it can measure whole-body bone mineral density (BMD).


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